Sustainable development and ESG

Practices that help to balance the activities of an organization: reduce negative impact on the environment, maintain financial stability and improve social well-being.
TSQ Sustainability — Sustainable Development as a System
We help companies to revise their current business processes and the organization as a whole in order to optimize their own financial costs by reducing the consumption of natural resources. When developing and implementing a sustainable development strategy in the client’s company, the TSQ Consulting team relies on the vision of the client’s organization as a system. By giving preference to complex projects, rather than one-off solutions, we help companies go through changes, grow, develop competitive advantages to achieve sustainable long-term results.
Sustainable development —
development in which the needs of present generations are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The concept of sustainable development is based on the balanced management of economic, social and environmental resources. This is a space of new opportunities for business, the public sector and society.
Several reasons to consider
  • The key points of the SDGs are recorded in the document "Transforming our world: the 2030 agenda for sustainable development".
  • About 66% of consumers (and 80% of millennials) are willing to pay more for products from companies seeking to improve the environment and social well-being.
  • 60−70% of generations Y and Z want to work in companies that have a positive impact on the world.
Sustainable development increases the added value and attractiveness of companies
Most consumers are willing to pay more to companies with the SDGs
66% of consumers agree with the added value of goods produced by companies with the SDGs. 34% of consumers negatively assess the increased cost.
Millennials are a key segment for developing SDG practice
80% are representatives of generation Y in the sample, 20% are representatives of other generations.
Generations Y and Z are more eager to work in companies with SDGs
65% are representatives of generations Y and Z in the sample, 35% are representatives of other generations.
Business problems in this area:
Actual business problems in the process of implementing sustainable development and the SDGs. This is not an exhaustive list of problems.
Business problems in this area:
Actual business problems in the process of implementing sustainable development and the SDGs. This is not an exhaustive list of problems.
Устойчивое развитие
We help make your business sustainable:
Building a culture of conscious safety
We do not teach safety, but change the attitude towards hazards and danger.

It is not enough just to talk about safety, you need to create a culture of conscious and natural safety. Safety and zero injury are becoming leading values.
Sustainable development training
14 educational blocks and more than 90 topics for teaching sustainable development.

By incorporating these topics into educational programs for employees of all levels, companies are acquiring competent and motivated personnel who will support sustainable initiatives and will be more careful with company resources.
Business process audit, environmental assessment and risk calculation
  • Let us examine the "as is" situation: how much money the company is now spending due to the irrational use of resources, identify "environmental leaks", assess environmental risks.
  • We will develop a strategy for reducing costs and reducing the environmental footprint of the company through the introduction of sustainable practices.
Development and implementation of a sustainable development strategy
We will hold a strategic session, formulate key goals in conjunction with the SDGs, decompose the strategy into behavioral indicators, transfer the methods of training employees and methods of control. We will introduce a "green" direction in the corporate culture of the company.
Transformation of corporate culture
We will help to form stable habits among employees and implement sustainable development practices in HR processes: we will organize a selection system based on values, we will include "green" issues in the adaptation and assessment of personnel, we will create a cascade training system, we will increase engagement and environmental literacy through gamification, and we will organize business incubator of corporate "green" and social projects.
Collection and analysis of data, preparation of a CSR / certification report
We will create an environment for monitoring the progress of improving the sustainability of business processes; collect metrics, structure and analyze data for the preparation of non-financial reporting. We will help you choose a certification system in the field of sustainable development and prepare for certification.
Implementation of paperless processes
We will reconsider your processes, we will establish electronic document management, we will help you to implement the "green" processes so that they are organically included in the daily work of the organization.
Implementation of the "Green Office"
We will ecologize the office space, arrange separate collection, create an active "green" environment for employees, conduct employee training; draw up a Policy, memos and instructions; we will form a content plan for communication with employees, customers and partners.
Accompanying corporate events
We will help you develop such an event program for employees or for clients in order to minimize the amount of waste and do not contradict the practices of sustainable development. We will reduce the reputational risks of using unsustainable practices.
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives.
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives.
Our cases:
Business quest for the introduction of D&I culture
Company: a multinational food company, one of the top 3 largest world producers in its field, more than 7,000 employees.

Objective: Employees must learn …

  • Appreciate diversity and use it to develop teams and the company as a whole
  • To be able to see the potential for development in diversity
  • Build an understanding of inclusiveness as a way of organizing activities
Key results:
  • Introducing the D&I culture. This quest formed the basis for further changes in the company: development of an action plan, creation of a book of corporate rules, a program of cultural transformation, preparation of a team of ambassadors for D&I ideas.
  • Prepared 30 ambassadors for D&I ideas within the company. The day after the quest for the team, we held an organizational session for a more detailed study of the roadmap for the implementation of D&I in the company.
Implementation of a sustainable development strategy in a gamification format
Company: a pharmaceutical company, one of the top 10 largest drug manufacturers, more than 5,000 employees in the state.

  • Strengthen understanding and engagement with company values
  • Increase employee engagement in sustainable development practices
  • Create a corporate volunteering system and implement at least 5 initiatives from employees
Key results:
  • Developed a customized project to promote company values and sustainable development practices
  • 71% of employees are involved in a gamification project
  • The awareness of employees about the values and strategy of sustainable development of the organization increased by 31% from 48% to 87%
  • A system of corporate volunteering was implemented, which increased the involvement of employees in achieving the sustainable development goals adopted by the company. The number of participants in the bldg. volunteering increased by 20%
  • 6 initiatives from the participants of the game were implemented together with charitable foundations of the city and region
  • There has been an increase in the number of reports of dangerous actions and microtraumas (corporate system for monitoring the state of working conditions and labor protection) associated with imperfect systems, personnel training or errors in business processes.
Raising awareness
and safe production.
Aim for zero injury.

Company: Large Manufacturing Company (NDA)

Direct client request: "Don't teach them anything, make them feel different about security."

Project audience: more than 200 people

Objectives of the project:

  • improve the efficiency of interaction between managers and employees;
  • provide managers with tools to create a Safe Production Culture;
  • outline tactical steps and create a roadmap for change;
    optimization of the organization’s secure environment.
Key results:
  • A report was generated with the results, recommendations and specific rules for each team of employees.
  • A methodology has been created that is equally understandable and relevant for different levels of the management hierarchy.
  • Methodological programs for the support of teams have been developed and handed over.
  • The methodological material on the management of the Safe Environment was transferred to the internal specialists of the company. Helps maintain a safe environment and create new habits for a team of professionals.
  • Predicting propensity for violations. The use of#nbsp in-depth interviews, which allows to increase the level of awareness and diagnose a professional team for a tendency to safety violations (this program becomes not only educational, but also predictive).
Implementation of the elements of the "Green Office"
Company: production unit of Russian Railways, number of employees — 1290 people.

Objective: to implement initiatives to improve the environmental culture of employees within the framework of the company’s strategy.

Audience: 120 engineers and technicians.

Key results:

  • Separate collection of waste and transfer of raw materials for processing was organized;
  • A series of educational events for employees was held;
  • The enterprise is recognized as the most environmentally friendly division of the company.
Business Process Transformation Program "Total Paperlessness"
Company: The largest metallurgical company (NDA).

Query: The organization was challenged to reduce the use of cut paper by staff.
Key results:

A comprehensive program to support paperless technologies has been formed, which:

  • includes more than 50 organizational and technical measures;
  • allows to reduce paper consumption by 257 tons per year;
  • allows you to reduce costs by more than 25 million rubles.
Advanced environmental audit of production processes

Company: German precision equipment service company (NDA).


  • rebuild production processes to maximize the potential of electronic document management;
  • determine directions for greening and resource optimization of office and warehouse premises.
Key results:
  • Business models of production processes have been drawn up, "environmental losses" have been identified, the target state of the process has been modeled;
  • A comprehensive audit of the company’s activities was carried out, an eco-trail was calculated;
    The degree of compliance with the STO-56 171 713−002−2014 standard has been established;
  • A list of recommendations for increasing the sustainability of the company and resource optimization of the business has been formed.