We will conduct a market analysis, help develop a company’s strategy, create a roadmap, rethink the implementation of the strategy into the corporate culture and translate them into activities of each department while supporting the management team
Areas of work
Areas of work
  • Strategic sessions on the development and implementation of strategies

    We will help to analyze the limitations and drivers of the company’s development, choose the best direction and develop an action plan. During the session we will help to:

    • Formulate the vision and strategic goals of the company
    • Decompose strategy
    • Identify development drivers
    • Synchronize the divisions
    • Create KPIs and OKRs
  • Development of a market positioning strategy for the company
    • AS IS positioning audit, design of hypotheses for development
    • Analysis of successful practices and opportunities in the industry, competitive analysis
    • Formation of key business development factors
    • Development of a market positioning concept to achieve the goals of the customer
  • Development of a new product launch strategy
    • Analysis of key needs and values of customers, solvency of a potential audience, competitive analysis
    • Pricing factors analysis
    • Identification of markets and optimal marketing strategy
    • Formation of USP and value chain
    • Development of ways to bring products to the market, promotion strategies
    • Formation of CJM product and user experience
    • Analysis of risks and opportunities
  • Consulting services when entering new markets
    • Competitor and Industry Analysis: Current Status and Strategies, Future Potential
    • Choosing a business model and analyzing options for market entry
    • Analysis of risks and opportunities
    • ROI assessment
    • Development of a detailed entring plan
  • Analysis of market prospects and performance indicators of the company according to market standards
    • Industry Analysis: Current State and Strategies
    • Assessment of the potential, market capacity, studying of the dynamics of consumer demand
    • Analysis of market and industry benchmarks, identification of the key performance factors
    • Comparison of company performance with the market dynamics
Аreas of strategic sessions:
Аreas of strategic sessions:
Digitalization strategy
We will find weak points in the current system and ways to eliminate them using digital technologies.
We will build a system of HR processes according to the goals, strategy and HR brand of the business or identify how to adjust the existing one.
Our cases:
Strategy development and implementation
Company: Oilfield services company (NDA), with their help oil exploration and production, geological analysis is carried out

Project audience: 300 employees

Objective: to develop strategic initiatives and projects that will improve the company’s economic performance over a 3−5 year horizon
Key results:
  • Strategic initiatives developed with performance metrics for each department
  • Developed a roadmap and created a dashboard for monitoring metrics and indicators
  • Ensuring revenue growth: points of control over the implementation of metrics are described and end-to-end analytics are provided to ensure transparency of processes
Market research to improve the efficiency of network sales

Company: pharmacy chain (NDA), medium and high price segment. Revenue — more than half a billion rubles a year, almost a twofold increase in the number of points on the horizon of 5 years

Introductory information about the situation:

  • consolidating market
  • actions of competitors that reduce market share
  • changes in the structure of purchases of visitors to pharmacies
Conduct market research and prioritize key areas for increasing sales efficiency, as well as form recommendations on what tools can be used to achieve this increase.

Based on the results of the analysis, models were compiled that helped to highlight 4 main features of the portrait of consumers of the pharmacy chain, which will help in revising the product matrix and sales strategy.

The company received a detailed study of its industry, as well as:

  • A step-by-step plan for the implementation of a new sales strategy (including the study of the technical side of implementation)
  • Dashboard built into the client’s current technical solution for calculating the required values (with data visualization)
  • Recommendations for further action
Among our clients
Among our clients
Customer review
Company: HZPC Sadokas – the division of the Dutch breeder company HZPC Holland B.V.

Project: Strategic session on digitalization