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Change management

We help you to develop a transformation strategy for the company, to implement digital solutions, to centralize your organization’s change management as well as stress-test the strategy and train your key employees on change management.
Actual problems of business in the process of change management
Управление изменениями
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
Stages of work in change management projects
We guide your company through the full change management cycle, or in alignment with you, we process only specific stages of responsibilty
Управление изменениями этапы
1. Analysis of the situation in the company (working with data, analytics)
Identify the problem, analyzing the market and working with data:
  • Organizational facilitation meeting with the team
  • Identifying the problem and developing hypotheses
  • Market analysis and involvement of industry experts if they are not on the team
  • Hypothesis testing and analytics
  • Collecting data based on hypotheses
  • Financial, economic, operational analytics
  • Advanced analytics
2. Interview with the strategy team
Conducting in-depth interviews with the team using the Mindskills method
  • Assessing the competencies required for transformation
  • Creating reports
  • Selecting teams "for a breakthrough
3. Presentation of the results to the Customer
  • Synthesis of recommendations for the client
  • Persuasive Defense Before Strategic Session
  • Persuasive slides
  • Explanation of recommendations and steps
  • Conducting a presentation in front of a key customer
  • Description and formalization of a vision of change: drawing up a detailed vision of change
4. Selection of the change team and training preparation
  • Methodological development of a competency model for change agents
  • Selection of candidates (development of a survey form, organization of a survey, data processing, provision of a list of candidates
  • Developing a training plan for change agents
  • Conducting training (based on the results of training, agents implement a transformation support project in their division — creating an internal business incubator and support in bringing ideas to a result)
5. Organization of events for broadcasting the transformation process
  • Exploring the expectations of the internal and external client from the transformation process
  • Definition of key messages, formation of EVP
  • Choice of information channels
  • Each "point of contact" with the brand should reflect the ongoing transformation: drawing up a list of channels through which the value of the changes will be transmitted
  • Creating a message matrix
  • Defining a portrait of the target audience Creating the most effective messages
6. Evaluating the effectiveness of communication channels
  • Development of methods for collecting and analyzing metrics for assessing the effectiveness of communication channels
  • Creating dashboards
  • Assessment and analysis
  • Preparation of the final report
  • Development of recommendations to improve communication efficiency
7. Support session: assessing results and the following steps
  • Conducting a supporting session according to an agreed scenario and using an aligned methodology
  • Consolidation of the received agreements
  • Roadmap creation
  • Digitizing session results
  • Preparation of a session report for the customer
8. Securing changes and scaling planned
  • Drafting recommendations for consolidating changes in corporate culture and business procedures
  • Support for scaling changes
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the project
9. Evaluation of results
  • End-to-end analytics and analysis of results
  • Financial reporting for the project
  • Regular reporting meetings
  • Analysis of meeting results
  • Search for improvement areas in implementation
  • Training of the team or individual participants if necessary
10. Recommendations for the following steps
  • Synthesis of recommendations for further steps for the client
  • Explanation of recommendations and steps
  • Conducting a presentation in front of a key customer
11. Report to the customer and exit from the project
  • Summing up and feedback from the customer
  • Team Feedback
  • Analysis of indicators
  • Preparation of the final report
  • Creation of a knowledge base for the project and transfer to the customer
  • Exiting the project
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