Management consulting

We help achieve the best results by working with the company at every level: strategy, marketing and sales, operational efficiency, innovation and corporate finance.
TSQ Consulting experts will help you analyze the constraints and drivers of the company's development, choose the best direction and develop an action plan
Work areas:
  • Meeting operational challenges today for growth and resilience tomorrow
    • Operating model transformation
    • Cost optimization
    • Supply chain management
  • We create value for customers and make them competitively flexible
    • Market analysis and best practices
    • Development of a company strategy from scratch
    • Working with the current strategy
    • Implementation and cascading strategy roadmap
  • Marketing & Sales
    We help clients grow faster than the market
    • Brand and consumer strategy
    • Pricing
    • Sales channels
    • Product matrix management
    • Consumer experience
  • We create a sustainable business system
    • System Reliability Analysis
    • Assessment of risks and opportunities
    • Risk management system implementation
  • We help to implement and manage changes at every stage
    • Transformation strategy
    • HR roadmap
    • Introducing UI culture
    • Methodological suppo
  • Management of innovations and R&D
    Adding fresh ideas to your business model
    • R&D process management
    • Driving innovation into the business model
    • Internal entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship
  • Corporate Finance
    We help you make the right investment decisions
    • The financial analysis
    • Assessment of the value of assets and business
    • Financial modeling
    • Budgeting
    • Financial risk management
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
* This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
Our cases:
Analysis, optimization and improvement of operational efficiency of the shipping process

Company: large manufacturing enterprise (NDA), the company’s cargo traffic — thousands of tons of products per year

Number of employees: more than 2500 people

Objectives of the project:

  • Increase the traffic of the shipping segment of the logistics process
  • Develop a common understanding of development zones and ways of regulating processes by company employees against the background of emerging excesses
Key results:
    • The proposed initiatives will significantly increase cargo traffic and reduce the time for the full cycle of product shipment from the creation of an application to its implementation.
    • 8 processes were identified that can be performed in parallel, which speeds up the entire process of shipment of the logistics sector of the plant.
    • Risk management allows a plant to improve the predictability of the process chain. The proposed initiatives will maximally reduce the most significant and probable risks by 95%, freeing up capacity for 700 minutes, giving more than 560 additional tons of loading.
    Market research to improve the efficiency of network sales
    Company: pharmacy chain (NDA), medium and high price segment. Revenue — more than half a billion rubles a year, almost a twofold increase in the number of points on the horizon of 5 years

    Introductory information about the situation:

    • consolidating market
    • actions of competitors that reduce market share
    • changes in the structure of purchases of visitors to pharmacies
    Conduct market research and prioritize key areas for increasing sales efficiency, as well as form recommendations on what tools can be used to achieve this increase.
    Based on the results of the analysis, models were compiled that helped to identify 4 main features of the portrait of consumers of the pharmacy chain, which will help in revising the product matrix and sales strategy.

    The company received a detailed study of its industry, as well as:
    • A step-by-step plan for the implementation of a new sales strategy (including the study of the technical side of implementation)
    • Dashboard built into the client's current technical solution for calculating the required values (with data visualization)
    • Recommendations for further action
    Audit and analysis of business processes

    Company: Large Manufacturing Enterprise (NDA)

    Project audience: 850 people

    What problems did they solve:

    • High operating costs within the company
    • It is not clear who does what in the company, there are "zones of irresponsibility"
    • Frequent and lengthy operational meetings, meeting agenda contains the same issues
    • When solving a problem, it is impossible to find a responsible person, responsibility is transferred by employees to each other
    • Issues in current operating activities take a long time to resolve
    • Long and voluminous workflow
    Key results:
      • Reduction of losses by 300,000 rubles per day by identifying violations of the requirements for the technological process at the stage of production preparation
      • Reduction of the number of employees in the finished goods warehouse by 30% due to the automation of actions for the preparation of accompanying documentation
      • Reducing the time for negotiating contracts from 7 days to 2 days by optimizing the number of actions in the process and delimiting areas of responsibility
      • Reducing the discrepancy in the planned and actual project budget (supply and installation of equipment) from 55-50% to 10-15% due to the implementation of the procedures "Project Management" and "Project Risk Management
      Subject expert:
      • Dina Guseynova
        Managing Director & Senior Partner