HR and business digitalization

We accelerate business processes and reduce the amount of manual tasks by implementing digital solutions towards effectively automatizing personnel workflows
TSQ Digitalization — digital transformation of HR
Our company develops software products for effective work with personnel.

We automate HR processes:
  • communication with employees
  • employment
  • education
  • adaptation
  • motivation
  • steering
To do this, we create deeply integrated systems: corporate portals, LMS, chat bots, services based on neural networks as well as gamification.
  • Integration
    We integrate complex systems with all the resources and solutions that are being used in the company already: 1C, Bitrix, CRM, SAP, Oracle, Stream, Blue Prism. Therefore, the corporate portal will be systematically integrated into the company’s infrastructure and automated as much as possible.
  • Technologies
    Our team uses stacks of modern technologies, in mind with the potential of their development in the future: neural networks, RPA, chatbot systems, gamification. Thus, the corporate portal will remain a relevant tool for a long time and will not require large-scale updates.
  • Experience
    We do have experience in developing complex systems for HR automation, as well as experience in process analytics based on communication with various hierarchy levels of staff. Therefore, we will be able to develop an infrastructure that is convenient for all employees and supports the necessary functionality.
The result of our work
Expanding analytics capabilities by combining HR data streams.

Reduction of financial and time costs for the adaptation of employees.

Reduced turnover through the introduction of predictive analytics.
Business problems in this area
Current problems that can be solved with the help of an automation system and digital solutions. This is not an complete list of challenges.
Проблемы бизнеса актуальные
We help to implement digital solutions:
  • Robot "Porebrik"
    Fast and flexible solution

    A chatbot that, instead of you, will remind employees of what they need to do.

    • 9 directions of use
    • 11 ready-made scenarios: from monitoring tasks to supporting large-scale changes in the company
    • implementation from 1 working day
    • Business process audit, assessment of the company’s digital culture
      • Let’s explore the "as is" situation: polls, tests, observation, interviews with the core team.
      • We will develop a strategy for reducing manual process control through the implementation of digital solutions.
    • Development and implementation of an automation system
      We will hold a strategic session, formulate key goals in accordance with the digital strategy, describe the steps for the development of key HR functions and changes in HR policies, transfer the methods of training employees and methods of control. We will introduce a digital direction into the companies corporate culture.
    • Development and implementation of a chatbot system
      A chatbot is a versatile tool that can be used at all stages of interaction with employees. We systematically build it into the existing HR infrastructure.
      The bot can be used on multiple platforms or work on one channel: whatsapp, telegram, viber, slack, facebook messenger, etc.
    • Digital transformation of the company
      We help you implement digital solutions in HR practices: we automate the processes of communication with employees, employment, training, adaptation, motivation and control. To do this, we use integrated systems: corporate portals, LMS, chat bots, services based on neural networks and gamification.
    • Optimization of processes using neural networks
      Neural networks allow you to control the emotional state of employees via video or audio, movement of employees across the territory, analyze text and objects present in the image or video, and identify employees.
    • Development of an interactive dashboard for HR analytics
      The system allows you to combine all HR data streams in one place. In this way, the HR team can track, analyze and control incoming information and quickly respond to unwanted changes or eliminate bottlenecks.
    • Robotic process automation (RPA)
      We develop robots for performing repetitive manual operations and fast processing of data sets. This will allow you to reduce the cost of work processes, increase employee productivity, eliminate errors and the human factor.
    • Development of a distance learning system
      LMS allows you to create a system of continuous learning, which includes: interactive courses, knowledge base, testing and analytics. We will develop an individual training program for various levels of personnel.
    * This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
    * This is not an exhaustive list of our services. Contact us and we will offer the best solution in accordance with the current business objectives
    Our cases:
    Development and implementation of a digitalization strategy for HR processes
    Company: The largest grocery store chain (there are several brands in the company's portfolio), the number of employees is from 70,000 people.

    Goal: creation of a transparent personnel control system, which ensures:
    • reduced turnover due to poor mentor performance
    • control of work according to regulations
    • tracking and correcting employee behavior (theft)

    Key results:

    • by 37% - reduced turnover due to poor mentor performance
    • by 64% - a decrease in the number of problem situations associated with the sale of goods prohibited to persons under 18 years of age
    • by 12% - decrease in the rate of thefts of goods by personnel
    • RUB 27 million / year — the overall economic effect from the introduction of digitalization
    "Protracted" employment: shortening the process and outflow of candidates
    Company: Large manufacturing enterprise (NDA), number of employees: from 6500 people.

    Objectives: to reduce the time of employment of employees, to reduce the churn during the period of employment, to make the system more flexible and independent of people, to set up the collection of additional analytics during the period of employment.

    Digital solutions:

    • administrative panel, where personal cards of employees and their "employee path" are stored
    • chatbot that accompanies the entire process and a "black list" element, which helps to sift candidates already marked in the
    • Security Council and exclude them from repetitive verification

    Key results:
    • Reduction of an average internship period by 4 days (from 14 to 10 days)
    • Saving HR specialists time, eliminating double manual work due to the administrative panel
    • Data collection and analytics that allow seeing the whole process as a system, providing transparency
    • Reduced human error
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